What is Isagenix?
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Isagenix is a complete regimen of health products: For Weight Loss, Energy, Healthy Living & Athletic Performance.

 Isagenix has established itself as a leading supplier of health products as well as one of Canada’s top network marketing companies.

Employing a dedicated team of scientists and researchers.
Isagenix creates nothing but the most effective solutions for challenges facing people of all ages and backgrounds.


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Trina and I do recommend the 30 Day System for all four: weightloss, energy, heatlthy living & athletic performance.

With the 30 day system you may experience:

- Energy boost
- Consistent weight loss over time
- Reduced cravings for unhealthy food
- Improved muscle tone
- Balanced digestion

Weight Loss - Energy - Healthy Living
Athletic Performance.

Come join out team!

Joanne & Trina

website : joannemullin.isagenix.com
email : jojomullin@gmail.com